How to use the Toaks Gasifier Twig Stove.

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How to use the Toaks Gasifier Twig Stove.

Backpacking gasifier twig stoves have a bit of a reputation. Some folks love 'em, some don't. And the rest are wondering if these things are worth the swap from gas. Though they do have some obvious benefits for the backpacker.

Video included at the end of this article.

Before going through what I've discovered from personal use of the Toaks STV12 twig stove, I'll cover some of the pros & cons.


  • Lightweight
  • Small pack size
  • Free fuel
  • Can be used with gel burners, spirit burners and solid fuel tablets if required
  • Just feels more natural when in the great outdoors


  • Can create smoke
  • Blackens pots
  • Open flame (some areas don't allow this)
  • Requires you to be attentive
  • Source of fuel required (though it doesn't need to be bone dry)
  • Faff factor when compared to a gas stove

Okay. So let's consider how to use this thing.

After several uses, I think I've found the best way to use this stove. I used to load the stove with twigs to the full height of the stove. This didn't allow the gasifier method to work particularly well, but it did mean that it required less tendering from me. However, to get the full gasifying effect, I found it better to keep the inner sleeve within the outer sleeve and only fill that with twigs. I would then extend the top section, place the lower section into the base section and light the twigs from the top. After an initial burn of a couple of minutes, the stove would gasify properly.

Keep the lower chamber topped up, but don't over-fill into the top section and things should just keep going nicely.

But surely I need dry twigs and in NW Europe, that's virtually impossible.

I've used dead wood hanging from trees and dead wood from the ground. This wood was by no means dry, but I've not yet had a problem with this.

I hope that this has been useful. Feel free to comment on your own experiences.



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