Lightweight Backpacking Gear. How To Best Save Weight. Cooking Systems.

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Lightweight Backpacking Gear. How To Best Save Weight. Cooking Systems.

Lightweight Backpacking Gear. How To Best Save Weight. Cooking Systems.

With all the backpacking gear available, we are spoilt for choice as to what we could possibly buy. With all this choice what's the best route to take if our budget is limited?

It would make sense to start with the heaviest items. Tent or shelter. Sleeping bag. Backpack, and cooking system.

However, these can also be the most expensive items to purchase. If budget is really tight, you could start with the cooking system and pots and pans etc. So let's start there.

Lightweight cooking systems.

I've already written about which is the best cooking system and which is better suited to certain situations. Reading this will give you an idea of size and weights. Though bear in mind the bulk as well as the weight of these items, as being lightweight is one thing, and getting it into a smaller backpack is another.

One of the lightest is the Hexi type of solid fuel burner and it takes up little space. It is also one of the cheapest backpacking stoves you can get. I'm not saying that it's the best stove, but it may well suit you if all you want to do is make a brew, boil water for rehydrating food, or for cooking boil in the bag food. Though if you really want to go small and light the hinged solid fuel stove is also very affordable.

Needless to say that backpacking stoves made from titanium will be lighter than their stainless steel counterparts. Though they will be more expensive.

With regards to pots and pans, you could halve the number you take! Do you really need to take 2 pots, a frying pan, and a kettle? Probably not. Also, consider the cost of all these items. The Trangia system often comes with 2 pots, and a frying pan/lid. With additional kettles available. Ask yourself before spending money on this type of system whether you need all these pots and pans. You would not only be saving weight but money as well.

As with all our blog posts. Our intention is not to tell you what to buy, but to get you thinking about what would best suit your purposes.

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