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In my first hammock insulation post, I talked about the different ways that you can keep warm in a hammock at night. This time I'll run through some of the pros and cons of each setup. You might be thinking that you have a sleeping bag already, and it's good enough to use in a tent. So why do you need to consider anything different for hammock camping? The reason is simple. Cold butt syndrome. Because the insulation on the underside of a sleeping bag is compressed, it provides very little warmth. We get around this in a tent by using sleeping...

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Hammock Insulation - What Are The Best Options? If you've ever hammocked or have started looking into hammocking, you would have come across the Achilles heel of hammocks. And that's cold butt syndrome. So what is cold butt syndrome and how do I avoid it? When lying in a hammock you have air all around you. The air tends to get cold at night, and where your body is in contact with the hammock it really feels the cold. It's the same situation for those campers that sleep on an air bed. What's the best way to avoid it, and to...

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