What To Pack For A One Night Wild Camp - Video Included

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What To Pack For A One Night Wild Camp - Video Included

Well, I guess it's time that I exposed my own loadout for a one-night wild camp.

Firstly, I have a confession. I carry more than I need to generally. With the above kit, I have the option of hammocking or going to ground in a tent, and having the additional luxury of a tarp to go over the hammock or the tent.

Excluded from the picture is food/water or any additional clothing that I may take, but that depends on the time of year and the weather.

Okay, let's start with the important bit that everyone wants to know. Weight.

The total weight of all the above is 9.6kg.

Tent camping only, minus the hammock kit 7.2kg.

Hammock camping only, minus tent camping kit 8.4kg.

The weight includes a synthetic sleeping bag and would be marginally lighter if I'd packed my down bag.

By the time water, food and some clothing are added my bag typically would weigh between 13 to 15kg.

The general equipment bag in the bottom right of the picture could certainly have less in it to save weight.


Toaks gasifier stove and 750ml pot, titanium spork, windshield, lighter and flint striker, Tenacious Tape, headtorch, torch, pocket knife, 5 metres of paracord, a couple of spare pegs, mug, coffee, gel burner and gel fuel.

I could lose a lot of this, but I like to be prepared.

Could I get it lighter?

Definitely. But the cost is the issue. Considering that the above loadout could easily weigh twice as much, I'm quite happy with the weight. I've also not gone over-board on ultra lightweight expensive kit. There isn't one item that cost more than £120 at retail prices. Those that were are the backpack and the tent.

I hope that this gives you some inspiration.

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