Why hammock?

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Why hammock?

Okay. So why hammock?

I'm sure that many of you can think of many reasons not to. After all, you probably have a very nice tent. With some very nice furniture in it. It's not very drafty. and you stay dry in it. But hang on for a moment, (no pun intended). One question I am constantly asked is; "what's the most comfortable bed for camping." Well let me tell you. There's no one answer for everyone.

Let's rewind a fraction. Whenever the family and I go out for a day trip, we take hammocks. They're lighter than chairs. Less bulky than chairs. More comfortable than chairs. So why don't more folks consider them? Simple. What if there's no trees?

Here in NW Europe. Okay. The UK to be precise. There is generally no shortage of trees. The pictures are from day trips with the clan.

My kids love their hammocks and have both slept under the stars overnight. It's added a fantastic dimension to our camping holidays.

So, to answer the question. Why hammock. My daughters face says it all.

Good night folks.

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