Hammock Suspension Straps By Lixada

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A pair of 1 inch wide polyester hammock suspension straps that are tree friendly.

These hammock straps enable you to quickly hang and adjust your hammock set up for the most comfortable lay.


  • Wrap one strap around a tree or other suitable object. (Please check that it's strong enough)
  • Pass the tail of the hammock strap through the end loop of the strap. And ensure that it's secure.
  • Do the same with the second strap to a suitable tree etc.
  • Using suitable carabiners on the hammock, attach those to the loops on the straps to achieve desired hang of the hammock.

The hammock strap is constructed of non-stretch polyester webbing and efficient loop system, which makes it a perfect suspension system for big trees, roof racks, boat masts. It is lightweight and easily packs into the storage sack, convenient for camping, backpacking, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Set of 2 hammock straps, weighs only 12.6oz and offers a combined weight capacity up to 550lbs.
Each strap is 9.2 feet long (18.4ft total) to accommodate big trees far apart. Perfect suspension system for big trees, posts, large rocks, roof racks, boat masts, or whatever on hand.
Constructed from non-stretch 1” wide tree-friendly polyester webbing, which will not leave scratch on the tree.
Each strap with efficient 15 loop system (30 combined) makes setup and take down quick and easy and allows for maximum adjustment.
Stuff sack included, convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, cottage living.

Material: High strength polyester
Single Strap Length: Approx. 2.8m / 9.2ft
Single Strap Width: 2.5cm / 1.0in
Combined Weight Capacity: 250kg / 550lb
Package Size: 22 * 15 * 2.5cm / 8.7 * 5.9 * 1.0in
Weight: 358g / 12.6oz

Package List:
2 * Hammock Strap
1 * Storage Sack