BULIN BL100 - B15 Backpacking Gas Cooker - Jet Boil Alternative

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This Bulin gas stove and cookset, offers a fantastic alternative to the Jet Boil type of cook system. Offering a lower centre of gravity, and more stability than a Jet Boil, whilst still offering inbuilt wind protection for maximum fuel efficiency.

The huge advantage of this is that due to it's lower profile it's less likely to be knocked or blown over. It also means that due to it's lower more stable profile that it can be used more easily in a tents vestibule.

The enclosed nature of the burner also makes this excellent for wild / stealth camping.

The cookset is held firmly in place due to the matching stepped profile of the cooker and the cookset. Though the pan support will accept all types of pots or pans if required.

The cookset has a capacity of 1.5 litres. So is ideal for solo or pair use.

Complete packed weight including burner, pot, and storage bags 745gr. (Excluding your choosen gas cannister.)

Cooker also includes simmer control.

We offer the cooker on its own or with the cookset.
Gas not included. Uses standard threaded EN417 gas canisters like the Coleman, Jet Boil and MSR canisters.