Backpacking Sleeping Mat Air Mattress 7.5cm Thick R Value 4

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This backpacking air inflated sleeping mat is ideal for side sleepers because of it's 7.5cm thickness. The extra thickness helps to relieve the pressure points on the body and therefore provides a more comfortable nights sleep. It also features extra large side tubes to help prevent you from rolling off in the middle of the night.

With an R Value or R Rating of 4, and Primaloft insulation, it means that this is suitable for temperatures down to approx -22c. That might seem extreme and unnecessary for typical UK weather. However, it's worth bearing a few things in mind.

  • Your sleeping bag insulation is compressed beneath you and is ineffective at keeping you warm.
  • Your whole body needs insulating from the ground.
  • Your sleeping mat needs to be able to provide the insulation that you are losing from your sleeping bag.
  • It doesn't matter how good your sleeping bag is. You will get cold without good insulation underneath you.


Weight 560gr

Construction 40D Nylon

Size 183 x 52 x 7.5cm

Pack size (approx) 20 x 10cm