About Us

As the founder and owner of Outdoor Essentials UK, I wanted to be able to provide lightweight backpacking and camping gear at affordable prices to you the outdoor enthusiast.

I've been involved in the outdoor market professionally for almost 20 years in all. Being an outdoor instructor, retailer, and user of gear across a number of outdoor pursuits.

My background in this started back in the early 1970's, where my parents would take my brother and I camping on the Cornish coast with 1960's camping gear.

Being an outdoor type of kid, I naturally joined the Cubs, a younger version of the Scouts. I remember itchy wool jumpers, cotton everything and being wet and cold. I really feel the cold! Not helped by heavy leaky cotton tents.

Family holidays consisted of walking holidays along the North Cornwall Coastal Path among other trips. Youth Hostelling with the YHA. A vastly different experience back in the 1970's compared to today.

As a teenager, I spent a couple of weeks camping and hiking on the Outer Hebrides Atlantic coast.

At this point, I was using early 1980's kit. Much better than the 1960's and 70's kit from when I was younger, but we couldn't afford a lot of the latest technology that was starting to come through at this time.

I was also taking part and completing the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and the Ten Tors expedition organized by the British Army.

 For me. It was always about being outdoors, and now with my own family, I wanted to let them experience proper camping. Not the kind at a holiday park, but the type where you're surrounded by nature and wildlife. And it was them that gave me the inspiration to start Outdoor Essentials UK.

So, may I wish you all a great time outdoors, and may you be blessed with as many, and happier memories of your time outdoors.